Akshar – How to read Indian language name boards and banners ?

Hi There !

Thank you for being among the early adopters of Akshar !

Akshar was conceived to solve the inter language communication hurdles in India, where we speak different languages and write different scripts, starting with transliteration.

Lately we have come across a wrong way of using Akshar by many of our users, due to which many of them might not have experienced the value of it’s image conversion function.

The common mistake that most of us do is NOT to select the right input language in the image conversion window of Akshar.

The right way is as shown in the image below. The green arrows show the important settings that have to be set right for better accuracy –

If done right, we should be seeing results as shown below –

​Please feel free to give us feed back on Akshar, and any suggestions for improvement !

Believe you would derive value from Akshar and help your friends familiarize with the App too.


Team Akshar